Slow, But Steady, Keeps Wayport Going

Among the first generation of commercial WiFi providers, most are no longer around – or are now around in a very different form. One of the few survivors, though, is Wayport, who just keeps moving along, setting up commercial hotspots. Early on they picked up on one of the few commercial hotspot business models that makes sense: offering WiFi to a captive business audience in airports and hotels. These are places where there are limited other options, and you often have people who (a) need internet access and (b) have an expense budget they can use on it. While they’re smaller, and have much less hype, than some of their newer rivals, some are saying that Wayport may be the best positioned of the bunch. They have quite a bit of expertise in setting up these hotspots cheaply, and they continue to move forward, slow and steady.

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