For Sale On Consulting Services

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I’m still surprised that other companies haven’t been able to build an e-commerce platform that matches all the features of Certainly, there are a few, but Amazon continues to hold a pretty clear lead, which is why they’ve found a fairly successful business hosting complete shops for other big name merchants. Now, is going one step further, and trying to open a professional services division that will consult with companies about e-commerce options. Of course, they may just go in and tell companies to sign up for Amazon’s hosting service, but it should be interesting to see how successful they are building such a services organization. It certainly shows how Amazon is looking to take an area where they are clearly experts, and expand their business opportunities.

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Comments on “For Sale On Consulting Services”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

I never understood...

Why they don’t take their patented 1-click system and licencse it around to other major resellers. Actually, it would be better for the web if there was a single “Standard” shopping cart everyone (re: low-tech people!) could use! When you look at cart drop-out rates at different sites, there’s billions that are lost out there…

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