Buck Stops For Web Panhandlers

from the nice-try dept

When this whole “cyberbegging” or “e-panhandling” craze started last year, I doubted that many sites would do very well after the initial success of SaveKaryn. Wired News has checked around and found that most begging sites haven’t brought in very much money at all. Many actually give up after a few weeks, which isn’t a real surprise. These people are mostly lazy, by definition, so without a quick return they’re not likely to stick to it. The reason the first one worked was because it was something different and got some attention mostly for being so gutsy to ask people for money for no good reason. Each copycat site has less novelty, and no particular reason to bother checking out. In fact, Wired News reported that they couldn’t even reach the people behind many of these sites (who could have benefited from the free publicity the site would have given them).

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Comments on “Buck Stops For Web Panhandlers”

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Anonymous Coward says:

personal non-profit / charity oranization

Considering the fact that Social Security is going to run out in the very near future, I think that it would be very appropriate if everyone declaired themselves a charitable oranization (just charitable to themselves). In this manner, you could set money asside, tax free, to support yourself in your old age… I mean, if the government isn’t going to do it then somebody needs to take the responsibility. While we’re at it, let just admit that the entire concept of government and taxes are panhandeling on an organizational level.

Csharpener says:

Re: personal non-profit / charity oranization

It’s less like panhandling, and more like extortion. But if it keeps the economy and businesses happy enough to continue hiring me, then I’m happy with it.

E-panhandling is just silly. It’s almost as silly as AIM mugging. Where people get on instnant messenger and start threatening people for passwords. Sillyness. But e-pandhandling isn’t any better than real panhandling. I’ll tell the e-pandhandlers just like I tell the real ones.


There, I feel better now.

Joe Garris says:

Re: Re: personal non-profit / charity oranization

wait till they amputate both your legs then tell me about it.think other people were not healthy with the world on a string at one time?well father time has no respect for me or you,I will be dead one day now I am 57 just hang around and wait time will catch up with you.hope you can grin & bear it when your time comes.

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