Microsoft Shares Smart Watch Details

from the sounds-familiar dept

Microsoft has finally announced more details about their SPOT “smartwatch” program. The details don’t sound much like details since it’s basically the same info they gave us when they first announced the program. It’s going to be a watch that lets people access basic information services (news, sports, weather, stocks, etc.) for $10/month over radio frequencies. Consider me… underwhelmed. While some analysts think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread, it has the feeling of WAP redux. Plenty of people could do the same things with WAP, and decided not to (now, hopefully, Microsoft won’t be crazy enough to brand this as “the internet on your wrist!”). The article suggests that early adopters might buy into the service, but early adopters already have mobile phones with data plans to get this same service. Why would they want to spend an additional $10/month (on top of buying a special $150 – $300 watch) to be able to access the same info they can get on their phones?

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