How The Sims Online Got Taken Over By The Mob

from the adding-a-little-drama-to-anarchy dept

When the Sims Online first launched, people thought that it was the antithesis of games like “Grand Theft Auto” where you go around stealing cars for the mob. It turns out that the two games might not really be that far apart after all, as a “virtual mafia” seems to have taken over the Sims Online. Since the game was created as an almost entirely open slate, there was no government, and people discovered all the problems that go along with anarchy. To fill that void, some people created a group called the “Shadow Government” which quickly turned into a mob-like family that intimidates those who go against its will, and even goes around looking for “protection money”. Sounds fascinating. I’m sure some researchers are studying this to see how societies and governments develop. The people involved say that since the mob took over, the game has become a lot more interesting.

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Comments on “How The Sims Online Got Taken Over By The Mob”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The one good thing about organized crime..

.. is that it’s organized.

My small home town has a hgue drug problem, and two factions are competing to serve the local demand. We’ve learned that one group refuses to serve to minors, seems reluctant to hurt deadbeat clients with some potential of paying back debts, etc.

It’s the Italian mob.

They don’t mess where they eat, too: The apartment complex they own is entirely drug-free, impeccably well-maintained, and run like clockwork .. just, when the old guy comes to inspect the apartments (announced), each year, don’t get in his way; his beefy companions misinterpret quick gestures. Sure, it’s their laundering op, but it’s also an extremely well-run business, as is probably required when they’re under such scrutiny.

We may have been lucky, but my buddy’s experience in the apt was 4 years of peace and silence.

Commentor says:

Re: The one good thing about organized crime..

I agree, actually. I have read that the communities that the middle mob men live in, such as in New York, are impeccably clean and well maintained. They do run their operations like a business, and try to be professional about it. Its just not “legal”, but I wonder how many illegal things many supposedly “legal” corporations do. I am sure they would go so far as to take hits out on rival VPs and CEOs if the culture was shifted just a bit.

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