U.S. Robotics Promises 100-Mbps Throughput With 802.11g Products

While there was some discussion recently about how the real throughput of 802.11g WiFi was somewhere around 10 – 20 Mbps, US Robotics claims they’re pushing the technology in the other direction. They say they can offer a g product with 100-Mbps throughput by placing all the speed on a single channel. I don’t have enough details to know how valid such a claim is. On the marketing side of things, getting the official speed (no word on what the actual throughput on such a system would be…) up to 100 Mbps is important for those who want to use WiFi to replace 100 Mbps ethernet lines. Of course, most people have no need for this amount of speed, since they’re just using WiFi to get from their computer to a connection out of their building – and that connection will be much slower. However, for internal networking and data sharing this could take away one more hurdle from those who haven’t jumped on the WiFi bandwagon.

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