Tech CEOs Move To The Sidelines

from the getting-out-of-the-game dept

The Boston Globe is noticing that many of the former “high-profile” technology company CEOs from the late 90s haven’t been taking new CEO jobs. Most people expect many of these brand name CEOs to simply jump from one tech CEO position to another after a short break – but plenty are claiming they’ve decided to “get out of the game”. Of course, most are (instead) winding up at venture capital firms where they (from the descriptions in the article) just get to relax, play a little golf, and see people with cool technology begging for money every so often. Some claim they wouldn’t mind taking a new CEO position, if the right job came along. However, many say they’ve had enough of that world and have decided it’s time for a new generation of CEOs to make their mark. What isn’t really talked about much in the article is the fact that some of these CEOs did a pretty miserable job at their last company – which might have an impact on whether or not any new company is willing to hire them. In the boom years, it was easy to make your company grow. The skillset needed for a CEO these days might not be the same.

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