E-mail Conmen Convicted In The Netherlands

from the please-provide-me-an-urgent-and-confidential-jail-cell dept

A Dutch court has convicted six men for being part of a Nigerian 419 email scam. The scammers sent thousands of emails, letters, and faxes, and (amazingly) convinced some poor suckers to hand over lots of cash. I get at least five of these a day, so I’m shocked that anyone could still get fooled by these things. According to the article, though, they convinced a “Swiss professor” to hand over nearly half a million dollars before he caught on to the fact that he was being conned. Oh well. I guess this means the scammers won’t be able to attend this year’s Nigerian EMail Conference where sessions will answer such pesky questions as “Are 10 million emails a day too many?” and “What is the optimal number of grammatical errors in each email?”. Sounds like a blast.

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