Hackers Put Bane In Shadowbane

from the ouch dept

Last week we had the story of how many more people seem to be using “cheats” to give themselves special powers in online games, but according to this Wired News story, someone went a bit further in the online game Shadowbane this week. They gave themselves “godlike” powers and turned the entire game into a killing zone, basically destroying everything and everyone in the most “painful” way possible. What’s most interesting, though, is the way people responded. Some, realizing it’s just a game, took it lightheartedly, with one person even saying that “I never knew dying could be so hilarious — I had a great time.” However, others found it oddly disturbing to see their entire world laid to waste. The makers of the game say they’ve figured out what happened (and who was responsible) and have rolled the game back to where it was before all the destruction occurred.

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