eBay Lawsuit Patents Up For Sale

from the scam-business-models dept

theodp writes “According to his attorneys, any future legal sparring between plaintiff Thomas G. Woolston and eBay over Tuesday’s $35 million patent infringement award may be completely and totally irrelevant. Why? The patents, which have become decidedly more valuable with the verdict, are already on the block. Both Amazon and Yahoo have reportedly talked with Woolston about the purchase of the patents, and a spokesman for Woolston contends that many other well-known companies are showing interest. ‘Let’s just say we’re definitely picking up the phone,’ said a lawyer for Woolston. “

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Comments on “eBay Lawsuit Patents Up For Sale”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

A Shower?

Does anyone else feel slimy after reading articles like this?

Hello, I’m noone special and I took an existing idea and added the words “on the internet” to it and patented it and since our patent offices don’t bother to consider whether it makes sense or not, I know can make a hundred bazillion dollars off of other people’s work!

I need a shower…

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