Why Gaming Is Good For You

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Last week we had a post explaining why people should be allowed to play video games at work, and this week comes a more scientific study explaining why playing video games is good for you. While conventional wisdom used to say that staring at a TV screen or computer monitor for hours on end did bad things to your eyes, this new study says that regular video gaming improves your visual skills. So, forget contact lenses, go play some video games… Even more to the point, the study found that it’s live-action video games that make the difference. They had people some people play a first-person shooter, while others played Tetris, and found that the live-action players improved their eyesight more than those playing Tetris. How long until a video game company starts advertising that playing their games improves your eyesight?

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Comments on “Why Gaming Is Good For You”

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oriongame25 says:

i am doing a research paper on whether or not games are good for you.i say they are but others say they aren’t.so in order to prove it i am going to need a crap load of info so i can prove it once and for all .this will probably help me to be able to get more games if my mother realizes that they are not destructive but are instead very helpful.can u help me?

Alfredo Martinez (user link) says:

Games are Good!

Well i know one of theis days the game world would make a good point to show that games are rely good for you, they keep you out of the streets where their is gangs and truble at foot. Hey games keep you out of drinking and driving, which kill more teens that anything els. Games keep your mind of cheating with your wife. and Games keep you in tackt with your skills like reading and writing, Like for exm: World of Warcraft! i play it i use all my skills in it, like reading and writing almost forgot you need to know math in this game and use common sence to actualy be good in this game. you lead of the middel ages and how they would act in it and otheir great things that come handy in life. Games will keep you out of the stres and all the bad habits that you have life smoking and drinking, and if you like to hang out with drug-addicts then playing games will keep you out of their way. if you say you get bord at work playing a game will help you pass time fast and before you notice you will be done with the day. Well i dont know what otheir people say about games but i love them and got me true alot of stuff in life that most teens would have problems with like: gangs, drugs, alcohol and driving, with will keep the adults safe from us, since we will not be in the streets we will not spray paint your car of garage. ^_^ lol. Well this is my lil comment?. so you have anything to say to me il be glade to know by my email(NO SPAM PLEASE).


i pwn noobs

ive been playing games since ps1 came out . and i still cant stop . the thing with videogames is that when you play , you dont blink as much and dont pay attention to whats going on around you. effect – YOUR EYES LOOK LIKE YOU GOT PINK EYE! lol. my parents took my ps2 away because of this. but it all goes back to normal after about 2 -3 days. you just need lots of sleep. still, games DID improve my reflexes .. perhaps too much . say dodging about 3 balls in dodge ball at a time. my hand – eye coordination is pretty good too. also , ive improved in sports as well in education . DONT ASK Y CAUSE IDK! lol. so i dont think games are bad for u at all. + its the most fun and easiest way to waste time. but dont forget once you start gaming . theres no going back . you might end up addicted to them like i am. pls dont over do it! and good luck to all my fellow gamers that pwn n00bs ;] we need to win this argument! http://www.youtube.com/tokyoxtremedrifter

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