Sony Plans New Game Machine, Closer Ties To Other Divisions

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Sony has been struggling recently, but their Playstation division continues to triumph. So, the latest strategy appears to be to tie the success of other products more closely to that of the Playstation. Sony announced today their plans for the latest version of the Playstation, the PSX, which will go further beyond being just a gaming console to include a TV tuner, a hard drive and a DVD recorder. Clearly, the strategy is to make the Playstation as the “digital hub” off of which plenty of other consumer electronics and computing devices work. Of course, in doing so, they’ll be fighting a battle against a number of different fronts, as plenty of companies believe they have the “digital hub” of the future. It’s a little unclear from this announcement if the PSX is really the Playstation 3 – next generation of hardware – or just a PS2 with additional hardware surrounding it. I’m sure those details will come to light pretty quickly, though. Update: As expected, this question was answered quickly. Lots of people overreacted, thinking this was the PS3, and Sony has now had to come out and say no, no, no, this is just a PS2 with new hardware around it.

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