Mobile Gadgets Offer New Lessons

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Forget m-commerce, now people are talking about “m-learning”. Over in Europe, new programs are trying to help kids who have “fallen through the cracks” of the education system by presenting them with opportunities to learn lessons via mobile wireless devices. The idea is that this can help re-engage them in the learning process, and it lets them do this in a private way, less likely to find them embarrassed in front of their peers. Also, since many kids can pick up technology quickly – and often enjoy playing with technology – they consider learning lessons this way to be more enjoyable. However, I wouldn’t put too much weight on such things. This is the same response some people had when people first started talking about computers in the classroom. Certainly, technology can help in the learning experience, if used properly. However, relying on it as a savior for education isn’t likely to get you very far. I think projects like this one are excellent for some people, as long as those behind it also are aware of its limitations.

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Comments on “Mobile Gadgets Offer New Lessons”

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1 Comment
mman says:


This is of course another load of old tosh from teh epopel who brought you the bandwagon of e-learning.
E-learning doesn’t work unless you aer motivated in which case any learning works. So now the educationalists have decided that since all the kids have mobiles (well they do in civilised parts of the world, not the USA of course) clearly that is the way to get them.

Trendy nonsense that will vanish just as m-commerce has.

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