Palm Software Checks Your Cognitive Ability

from the you-okay-there? dept

There’s apparently a new software product for Palm OS-based devices that is supposed to run a quick test of your cognitive abilities to determine if you’re thinking clearly enough to drive a car or attentive enough to answer difficult questions in an interview. The creators of the software say that the software can let people know when they need to relax their brains – and can lead to people changing how they eat, sleep, or exercise to better attune their cognitive abilities. All this in a tiny Palm app? Seems like the product is being oversold – though, it is based on technology used to test cognitive ability in space. Some people also wonder if, after you get used to taking the test, it will be easy to beat. I also can’t wait until the first drunk driver gets pulled over and claims, “but officer, my Palm here said I was responsive enough to drive…”

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