How To Unclog The Information Artery – Does Anyone Agree?

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Anyone know how to get rid of spam? It seems like there’s no shortage of opinions. The NY Times is running interviews with a bunch of people who touch on the spam/anti-spam world in some way all suggesting different ideas on how to deal with spam. Meanwhile, we find out that yet another standards group is working on standardizing a “this is spam” button for email clients, along with creating a standardized “opt-out” button. From that article also, it’s clear that very few people agree on how to even define spam. Over at PC World, they have a debate running over whether or not filters are a reasonable way to stop spam. Supporters say yes – and that blocking spam by filters will remove the incentive of spammers to spam. Others say, no, and that you need to go after spammers at the source. Somehow, I get the feeling this isn’t all going to get settled in the near future.

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Comments on “How To Unclog The Information Artery – Does Anyone Agree?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Nationalize the internet

We do not allow just anyone to enter and leave the country as they please, so why should email be any different? Enforcement of laws on the net will have to be done by the government, and the money for that has to come from somewhere. What better, then, to start charging money per email? We could set up license systems by which internet operators have to pass tests on network infrastructure and ethics.

Techies like to assume that everything comes to them for free from some magical source, but reality dictates that the internet will be an economic burden just like highways or airports.

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