Women Say Text Messages Show You Care

from the chicks-dig-text-messaging dept

Fellas… worried that you’ll forget to buy flowers for your anniversary? Well, don’t worry about it any more. Just send her a short text message instead. The latest study says that chicks dig text messaging. Ok, I really do wonder about this study, though, the general conclusion that women are adopting text messaging faster than guys might be true. It was done in the UK where text messaging is much more widely adopted, so I doubt this applies in the US yet. However, they claim that nearly half of all women surveyed would prefer a text message to a card on a special occasion, saying that a text message is the “best way to show you care”. Also, in responding to the study, 75% of women said that they had sent a text message within the last two minutes, while only a quarter of men had done so. I’m curious if the study itself was done via text messaging. Of course, there aren’t any details on the methodology of the study, and it was done by the Mobile Data Association, who might have a bit of a bias.

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Comments on “Women Say Text Messages Show You Care”

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1 Comment
kiddanger (user link) says:

uh huh

Ya’. “Oh baby, you don’t have to get me flowers, just send me a text message with @>–‘–,—–

Good luck. What might be closer to reality is that women NOW expect to get a text message with @>–‘–,—– and your itenerary of your date with them that night and you better not show up without REAL flowers, especially after sending the @>–‘–,—– which got their hopes up, whether you meant it that way or not.

Live and learn. It’s like, “How does a man remember his gf/wife’s birthday? Forget it once.


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