Consumers Lose Themselves Online

from the and-it's-only-getting-worse dept

We all know identity theft online is a problem, but a new study has come out predicting that it’s growing very quickly from a big problem into a tremendous problem that will bring down “businesses, entire economic sectors, and governments.” They’re predicting losses from identity theft to total over $2 trillion in just a few years. Not very comforting.

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Comments on “Consumers Lose Themselves Online”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Eazy solution to identity theft:

Rack up a huge credit debit, don’t pay it off and wait for the debt to be written off by the credit agency.

In this way, the crook that steals your identity will never be able to do anything with it (unless they want to pay off your debit that is…)

You’ll never get credit again, but if your identity is stolen you’re in the same boat. At least you will have some control over the situation.

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