Russian Hacking Crimes Continue

from the no-change dept

Yesterday we had the first two parts of the story of some Russian hackers who broke into US systems and extorted money from their owners – until they were caught by US authorities in a sting operation that brought them to the US to apply for a job. The final part of the series makes the point that the arrests have done little to nothing to slow down the hacking group’s extortion efforts. They also point out that many in Russia don’t see what they did as a crime. To them, it’s a way of “advertising” their services, even if it did involve stolen credit cards and threats if they weren’t “hired”. A former professor of the two hackers is “proud” of what they accomplished. I’ll admit that, generally speaking, the US is pretty bad when it comes to prosecuting hackers – especially in determining how serious the crime actually is. However, extortion seems like a pretty straightforward criminal matter.

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