Home Networking To Branch Out

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It doesn’t take much of a genius to predict that home networking is going to expand as people get more computers and want them all connected to their high speed pipe. What I’m wondering about is how much the various broadband ISPs will hold back this adoption by trying to charge people “extra” to connect multiple computers – even though, it’s really not their issue. If I’m paying for a pipe into my house, shouldn’t I be able to use that connection for whatever I want within the house?

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Comments on “Home Networking To Branch Out”

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Milnesy says:

This was something that I wanted to do....

Except expand on it a lil.

I live in a relatively small and close apt. complex. My idea was get at least 2 or 3 IP addresses (say I’m running a business), get a couple of wireless routers, and sell the highspeed connections to my fellow tenants at a lower cost… I never saw anything in the TOS saying that it’s a violation. But I figure the ISP would write it in and then notify me.

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