Student Hackers Changed Grades, Expelled

from the kids-will-be-kids dept

Luke writes in with a link to the story of some student hackers who have been expelled from high school for hacking into different teachers’ computers and changing both their grades and their attendance records. Honestly, I’m sure this happens all the time – it’s just that these kids got caught. It used to be that kids would try to change the grades in the written grade book. Now they have computers. Same crime, different medium. It’s amusing how the article describes the keylogger program they used to get the teachers’ passwords as “sophisticated”, when it sounds like a pretty standard keylogger.

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Comments on “Student Hackers Changed Grades, Expelled”

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1 Comment
alternatives says:

Happens 'all the time'? Not.

You seem to be forgetting the paper trail still kept.

That is how the school district got confused over me. Ya see, the rumor was I changed my grades. Yet, they coudld find no evidence.

When asked (by the vice princaple – a ‘distant’ cousin as I later found out) I told them the system passwords, the maintance times, the access numbers, etc la. Then I pointed out the ‘security’ – grades could only be entered once, and only in a 2 week window. All other entries had to be made ‘downtown’ at the local console(s). And there was the paper records.

The ‘paper records’ are the security. If you want your grades to change, it is FAR eaiser to pay off the teachers. Or, gosh, exhibit an effort in class. It doesn’t take much to be better than 80% of the others.

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