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You have to wonder if Dan Gillmor is a little annoyed that the Associated Press scooped him last week and got out their story on Ohmynews and its citizen reporters before he could complete his own version. Gillmor’s article, though, has many more details about the Korean news organization, and even helps clear up some of the questions I had. After the first article ran, I was wondering how this was any different from the “freelance” writers that many American publications use. The difference, really, is one of scale and mindset. Ohmynews makes it easy for anyone to submit stories and get them accepted – and they expect the vast majority of their content to come from their “citizen reporters”. Since there’s no space constraints on a website, this makes sense. It’s certainly the type of model that could work well in the US as well – especially for an established site that is trying to expand (with Salon being the most obvious example).

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