Life In The Bust Belt

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Po Bronson is continuing to pass off his own midlife crisis on the rest of us, by declaring that it’s much better to be a worker drone than to have any entrepreneurial thoughts in Silicon Valley. He’s saying that Silicon Valley will never be an “icon” again, and startups are a thing of the past. I’d say that, just like he did during the boom years, he’s extrapolating current conditions out a little too far. Some of his argument makes sense. It’s good that we get rid of the “experience seekers”, and find people who are more willing to put years into a job or a company, rather than look to jump ship every six months. However, that doesn’t mean that “startup culture” is dead. In fact, recently, there have been plenty of signs that the startup culture is returning to the Valley. In the end, there needs to be a balance. You need entrepreneurs who can push the envelope, but you also need more mature business people who can stick around and make it work.

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Comments on “Life In The Bust Belt”

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1 Comment
DV Henkel-Wallace says:

so many interesting companies

Yesterday one of my partners and I were going over the projects we’re working on, and would like to work on. We were amazed at how many interesting startups there are at the moment. So much is going on!

What’s not happening is lots of jobs…the startups are just that: startups, without many jobs.

Still, it’s the Valley of olde: like the Valley circa 1991, though this time the entrepreneurs have more power than they did back then.

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