Companies Quit Spending On Latest Nifty Gadgets

from the yes,-but-at-what-cost? dept

Once again, it appears that companies (or reporters, depending on how you look at it) are missing one-half of the old “cost-benefit equation”. In the late 90s, everyone skipped the cost side of the cost-benefit equation. For the past few years, we’ve pointed out that everything has shifted over to the other side, and companies won’t spend because they only look at the costs – and never the benefits. Now, some are complaining that the economic downturn is making some companies not invest in new “gadgets”, like RFID, tablet computers and 3G mobile phones. Of course, the article seems to ignore the benefit side of the equation again. If investing in these items is more costly than the expected benefits, then companies shouldn’t invest. However, the article quotes analysts who seem worried that these companies aren’t investing in the new gadgets just for the sake of keeping up with their own bloated predictions from a few years ago.

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