Game Over For Mod Chips?

from the too-bad dept

A good article in MIT’s Tech Review looks at the issue of mod chips, and how far companies go to stop anyone from modding their hardware. In the end, though, it would seem that modding a game console isn’t all that different from using a file sharing program. There are plenty of legal uses for it, and just because it can be used for illegal purposes, doesn’t mean the action itself should be illegal.

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Comments on “Game Over For Mod Chips?”

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LittleW0lf says:

God wrote this article?

A god article in MIT’s Tech Review looks at the issue of mod chips,

Sorry Mike, I am not usually the one to point out foibles in spelling (“God” knows I have my own troubles occasionally,) but are you insinuating that the almighty one wrote this article? Probably need an extra “o” in good.

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