Nextel, Gods Of Segmentation

Nextel impresses all analysts with their incredible focus and success in the enterprise segment. If imitation is the sincerest form of complement, all the other carriers are full of praise for Nextel as the strive en masse to offer a competing PTT solution. However, it takes a lot more than PTT to dominate the enterprise segment as Nextel does. Nextel has industry vertical sales teams with razor sharp focus to the point of employing a “plumbing expert” to help develop solutions for that vertical. Therefore, it should be little surprise that if Nextel were to target another segment, for example: youth, they would do it full monty. Enter “Boost Mobile”, a Nextel venture that is publically linked to the parent company only by the dead giveaway of working Push-To-Talk functionality. Nextel’s Boost Mobile has been operating in CA and NV for some time, but Nextel is keeping Boost’s performance results secret. Now, a key retail partnership with Target stores reveals that the experiment is moving forward. Target will carry Boost’s i50sx handset by Motorola for a street price of $60. The phone is sold with prepaid calling plans.

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