Love Them Or Hate Them, Grocery Self-Scanners Are The Future

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This weekend, I was mentioning to a friend that I used a “self-scanner” to check myself out for the first time last week (at Home Depot). The process was pretty simple, and I could see how people would like it. My friend wondered how they prevent theft, and I just assumed they had some method for doing so. Like magic, here’s an article talking about how successful these scanners have been and how many more stores are investing in them. Some people hate them – saying they break down too often, are confusing, or don’t have any sort of “personal touch”. Others, though, like that the self-checkout usually gets them out faster (though, that might just be a perception issue – since the customer is more involved in the checkout process). As for the “theft” issue, apparently many of the systems track the weight of items you’re carrying against what you actually checkout. Of course, if you never put an item down on the conveyor belt, then I don’t see how such a system prevents any theft.

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Comments on “Love Them Or Hate Them, Grocery Self-Scanners Are The Future”

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ray yelle (user link) says:


There was a recent story about how Kmart, who had piloted these last year, had reported that the stores using them experienced higher levels of shrink (industry parlance for shoplifting).

Customers are going to fall into some ratio of honest-to-dishonest based on the nature of the business and the target demographics, and merchants who don’t build in appropriately-tailored securtity steps are not going to realize the expected benefits.

msykes says:

Re: Re: Self-Scanning

I used one of these at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. There was an employee sitting at a little “booth” in the midst of the self-checkout stands in order to help customers, but I’m sure he was also there to keep an eye on potential abuse of the system. It would seem like maintaining one real employee for every half dozen or so of the self checkout stands would help a lot.


MayLyn says:

Never do this or else?

I’m not so happy about the self scanners comming to the stores in the future. This is a night mire! I love antique cash registers and I want to bring them back to todays world and I do not need to compete with the stupied hateful scanners just to get the National cash registers ringing KA CHING again! I miss the sales ringing, and the scanners are so anoying and confusing and I never know when my sale is done. I’m agenst self scanners and I want to BAN THEM FOR GOOD!
Be ready world for antique cash registers to come back and ring the sales again KA CHING KA CHING!

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