Blogs Play A Role In Homeland Security

from the is-that-good-or-bad? dept

Now, clearly, I believe that blogs are very useful, simple knowledge management system. It’s what our business is based on, here at Techdirt. However, I don’t necessarily understand those who are selling software for enterprise blogs. Computerworld is excited to find out that law enforcement agencies are using blogs to share and store information concerning Homeland Security issues. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, if they’re properly set up. What I wonder about, though, is why those agencies are paying some company for specific “enterprise blog” software, when they could just go out and use one of the free (or extremely cheap) tools that are out there on the market already? This sounds like another situation where taxpayer money is going towards something it doesn’t need to.

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Comments on “Blogs Play A Role In Homeland Security”

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1 Comment
Tom Termini (user link) says:

Why Buy An Enterprise Blogger?

Buying an enterprise blogger is a useful alternative when the organization doesn’t have the resources (either at all, or because they are allocated elsewhere) to get, install and maintain the system — the same as any other enterprise solution! You get support, configuration, on-going maintenence, access to upgrades, etc. Free software (open source, anyway) isn’t really free — you’ve got to support it!

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