Student's Sense Of Privacy Disappears On The Internet

from the good-deeds,-done-wrong dept

With all the stories about students at schools posting private info online of their teachers and classmates, what do you do when it’s the teachers posting the private info? That’s what apparently happened to a kid in California. The LA Times (registration required, unfortunately) has the story of a golf coach who posted all sorts of private info about his students. The coach thought he was doing them a favor – helping them get into college by making websites about his students for college recruiters. One of the students, though, wasn’t pleased to find his grades, SAT scores, and other private info available for anyone to look at. His family was even more upset, and they filed a complaint with the Department of Education. The coach admits it was a mistake – saying he just didn’t realize he shouldn’t have done it. Some say that this is just the beginning for cases like this one, though, as many schools don’t properly handle student info. The student in question says that he’s become an outcast at the school. His friends sided with the coach, and people made fun of him for his SAT scores. Of course, since the coach admitted it was a mistake, and took down the site, it’s not really clear what more should be done in this case.

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