Six Typing Monkeys – No Shakespeare

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I guess it was only a matter of time (and having too much of it free – along with a few extra monkeys). Building on the famous (and overused) saying about infinite monkeys with infinite time and typewriters banging out the works of Shakespeare, someone stuck a computer in the monkey cage at a zoo. Now, it wasn’t an infinite number of monkeys (only six) – nor an infinite amount of time (just a month), but the monkeys didn’t get very far. They apparently were big fans of the letter “s” (I like it, too). But, before they got around to that, they proceeded to beat on the computer, followed by a session of defecating and urinating on the keyboard. Maybe they are closer to being human than we thought. The monkeys weren’t completely random, though. Once they realized that pressing a key on the keyboard caused the screen to change, they became more interested. Luckily, the researchers who spent good money doing this project have put the pre-Shakesperian output online. I don’t think it’s going to win many awards.

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Comments on “Six Typing Monkeys – No Shakespeare”

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Burt (profile) says:


It is remarkable that folks could have gotten things quite so wrong. The point of the original comment is something like “if you have an infinite time to generate all the possible combinations of letters and spaces, some of those would be the works of Shakespeare”. Of course actual Monkeys (and a very short time span) means you’ll get crap (apparently literally and figuratively). Unless this was done with tongue in cheek from the gitgo, this is a remarkable waste of time.

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