Comcast Says They're Underpricing Cable

from the when-there's-no-competition... dept

The various cable companies say they’re doing away with special promotional deals to get people to sign up for high speed internet access. They’re discovering that after the promotional deals drop out, customers are facing sticker shock and canceling service. Comcast, specifically, is upset that their latest acqusition, AT&T Broadband offered up all sorts of freebies and promotions – all of which Comcast is getting rid of. In fact, in Comcast’s mind, they say that AT&T has been underpricing cable internet services – which they still see as a “premium” service. This explains why they’ve been jacking up prices everywhere they can. In the meantime, DSL providers are dropping prices, left and right, realizing that customers don’t view high speed internet as a premium service any more – but a necessary utility. I think Comcast is going to be in for a reality check one of these days.

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