Hotmail Targets Web Beacons

from the smart-move dept

I don’t use popular web mail systems like Hotmail or Yahoo so I had no idea this wasn’t an option before, but Hotmail is now letting people turn off HTML-images in email that comes from people not on your contact list. This makes a lot of sense, since so much spam uses images – either to get their message across, or to see if you’re a valid address. Personally, I have my email client set to not display HTML images, and I’m always forgetting that most people use HTML-mail all the time.

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Comments on “Hotmail Targets Web Beacons”

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LittleW0lf says:


Not me…I turn off HTML Mail and send a customary response any time a person sends HTML Mail to me (that I know) telling them I cannot receive HTML Mail and asking them to send me text email if I need to read it. Usually, they don’t respond, but quite regularly I’ve seen folks in the future who sent HTML Mail send text mail to me in following emails.

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