PalmSource To Add BlackBerry E-Mail Capabilities

Back in November we argued that RIM was best served by getting out of the hardware business and focusing on licensing its software. The latest move by RIM that supports that view is today’s announcement that they’ve signed a deal with PalmSource to move their email software onto PalmSource’s platform. It appears that RIM is, to some extent, following the strategy we laid out, as it looks to lessen their reliance on their own hardware. Update: In related news, RIM says that they’re now targeting “prosumers”, which they define as professional who work for smaller companies that don’t have the IT staff to support offering RIM devices through the corporate network. These people generally look to their own, private ISPs for such support. This makes a lot of sense – and I’m surprised that RIM hasn’t made a bigger effort to court these types of users in the past. Since the early success of the Palm device came from exactly this type of customer who just went out and bought the Palm for themselves, rather than through their companies, it would make sense to look for similar customers for wireless data devices as well.

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