You Pinging Me?

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With all the talk of companies coming out with corporate IM systems, here’s something that most people already know: plenty of people already use IM at work. They just download the free versions. Most people assume that their companies have no idea they’re using the systems, but that’s probably not true. The thing I’m still wondering is what incentive companies are going to have to pay for corporate IM systems. The only benefit for users is that their messages get reviewed by management… Oh wait. That’s not a benefit for users. That’s a benefit for management. So, management has to pay extra to implement a system that is less useful, and will have significanly less incentive for people to use. Sounds like a real winner to me.

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Comments on “You Pinging Me?”

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Steve Morris says:

Corporate IM

There are incentives to using Corporate IM that everyone can appreciate – reliability and bandwidth.
Most of my users think it’s a good idea that the server is inside our firewall, and that we can still use it when our internet connection is down.
It’s funny – users now send the word via IM that AIM or Yahoo is down on the internet.
Our new service is way more reliable, since there are two fewer things to go wrong – no firewall, and no internet connection in the way.
The second reason is bandwidth. Since we run switched 100MB conenctions, everyone can use the voice feature. With headphones and a microphone, it’s like a telephone conversation with people in other satellite offices, only better, since you know the person is there before you “call”.
Ironically, before we switched, Yahoo IM took out part of our network once. When the public IM server stopped responding for an hour, all the IM clients tried opening alternative ports, thinking they were being firewalled off.
100 clients tried every port number from 80 on up until 65K connections were in use, and the session table our switch to the main office filled up, knocking off all further contact with the main office (and hence the internet).
We in IT had to walk around the satellite office and ask everyone to turn off Instant Messaging to bring back the intranet.
It made quite an impression.

rax (user link) says:

Corporate IM

We already use an internal system where I work. It integrates into the email program and you can add users by simply typing in their email address. Truth is, it’s more reliable, secure and even offers a chatroom type feature.<br>But the best part is that you don’t get an embarrassing “enlarge your penis” IM spams while your manager is standing at your desk.

Matt Bennett says:

We use Office Communicator at work, very handy for sales organization, you can have everyone on the conference call, and message each other about what to say to the prospect.

Also, it often gets used as faster, informal e-mail.

If you’re worried about management looking over your shoulder all the time, what are you doing working there anyway?

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