America's Longest Running Family Feud Moves Online

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Ah, the old family feud. And, I do mean old. It seems that there is a group of people out there who really care who they descended from 200 years ago and whether or not “illegitimate” descendants of Thomas Jefferson should be welcome at a gathering of his descendants. But, like so many things these days, the feud is moving online with one group “infiltrating” the other’s email list. Who else thinks that all of those involved really need to find a hobby? On the one hand, if the group is really concerned about who’s listening in on their emails, they should be more careful who they let into the group. On the other hand, who the hell cares?

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Comments on “America's Longest Running Family Feud Moves Online”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

fscking premadonas

…you know, these day nobody really gives a
flying fuck if you’re decended from one of the
“founding fathers” or was on the first popularized
bootload (mayflower) foreign invaders to set foot
in North America. People that yammer on about
the “founding fathers” (out of complete historical
context) get put in the same class of people that
idolized Lenon and made statues of Sadam.

to white people (particularly those who go around
extoling the virtues of the “founding fathers”):
The folks who founded this country were a bunch of
long-haired, pot smoking slave owners who had the
odd beliefs in personal freedom (except for their
slaves… how odd) that caused them to be ejected
from their country of origin. I that regard,
America is not a country of immigrants, but a
country of rejects. Soon white people will be a
minority in America, so prepare to get fucked.

To black people:
Yes, Jefferson fscked his slave(s). People (of
non-African decent) throughout history have been
enslaved. It’s still going on today. Power has
this odd ability to corrupt; so, slaves, to this
day, are still getting fscked (non-
metaphorically) by those who own them. Get over
the past and do something about the present. That
is the way to trancend the status quo.

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