Six Technologies That Will Change The World

from the hype-or-not? dept

I’ve seen plenty of overhyped articles about “technologies that will change the world” that basically take some of the overhyped topics of today and extrapolate out five or ten years. This article, from Business 2.0, though, looks at six specific technologies that companies are working on that could really have a huge impact. The difference here, of course, is that many of these technologies are pretty far away from ever making it to market – and some may never get there. So, this is more like a list of six technologies that may change the world – rather than ones that will change the world. Even if you feel the article is full of hype, it’s still useful for getting you to think about what possibilities new technologies can lead to. The six technologies discussed are: ink-jet printers that print human organs, personable robots, supersonic business jets, fuel cells the size of marbles, flexible displays, and sensor swarms.

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Comments on “Six Technologies That Will Change The World”

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dorpus says:

God's ink-jet???

So will this toner cartridge have 4 “colors” for epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue cell types? Do we change between simple and stratified, squamous and cuboidal with a font setting? Or do we use undifferentiated embryonic stem cells — do we stick a baby into a wet cartridge so the printer spews out a kidney from the other end?

Q: An infant has a tensile strength of 400 psi and has a cross sectional area of 23.4 sq. inches. Assuming it is 23″ long and has an
elongation coefficient of 0.0036 at room temperature, how long will the toddler be before it is dismembered?

A: About 26.45″

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