Young People See E-voting As Sexy

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With all the talk about the problems of offering electronic voting systems in elections, a new study suggests that electronic voting could help solve “voter apathy” problems among the younger generation. It turns out people see electronic voting as “sexy” – and would be more likely to vote if they could log their votes via SMS text message from their mobile phone or via the web. It turns out that the reason many people don’t vote is that they consider it too inconvenient to head down to the local polling place.

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Comments on “Young People See E-voting As Sexy”

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Bionic Towed says:

Please Don't!

I used to think that getting more people to vote would be a good thing. Then I started to think about the implications more. I’m not sure that getting folks, who otherwise find voting a bother, are the ones we really want participating in making decisions for our country. Those people that take the time to research an issue and consider it carefully are probably going to take the additional step of voting for their opinion. What about those people that are too apathetic and don’t take the time to look up anything, much less vote? What kind of opinion are we going to get from them? I realize that I’m making a big generalization here but, aren’t we better off with fewer well informed folks than lots of uninformed folks? My fear is that these apathetic people that will just be regurgitating what they get from their favorite entertainment outlet. i.e. news/talk radio/poets/priests/politicians. I think that everyone SHOULD vote. I also think that everyone SHOULD make it an informed vote, what ever their opinion. Let’s not make the uninformed vote any easier just to get people to vote.

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