Google's Eric Schmidt: More Information Is Better

from the taking-a-stand dept

Earlier this week we had part 1 of an interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt, where he spoke about their acquisition of Pyra. Now, Always-On has part II and it’s quite interesting. Tony Perkins (who did the interview) starts pushing Schmidt on his personal views on information and privacy. Schmidt opens up and says that he believes strongly that “the cure to the problem of free speech is more free speech, not less”. He argues that Google is trying to make that possible by letting people get access to as much information as possible. He also talks about Google’s “don’t be evil” mandate. Perkins confronts him about some complaints that people have had about Google’s practice of putting cookies on users’ computers. He offers Schmidt the ability to answer off-the-record, but Schmidt goes on the record pointing out that was has been said is untrue. However, he points out that, again, this is a case where free speech helps cure the incorrect free speech that someone else made about what his company does. This is certainly not your standard CEO interview.

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