Too Much Connectivity?

from the need-cocoons-of-silence dept

Is it possible? Could there be too much connectivity? This columnist is arguing that as we make it easier and easier to connect any time from any place, we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice and making it more difficult to ever get any actual work done. The idea is that all of the connectivity is actually a distraction from getting real work done – and that productivity is actually enhanced when people are left alone and can focus in on their work. The writer proposes that the technology we need shouldn’t increase connectivity, but make us more isolated.

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Comments on “Too Much Connectivity?”

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MLO says:

Cocoon = Sleep?

This is sort of tangential (okay, not even) to the topic, but the constant influx of information from a variety of sources preventing you, Mike, from getting any sleep?

I mean, I appreciate the fresh news at six in the morning, but posting at 2:30 in the AM seems a bit much. Do you ever go to bed?


Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

While the author tries to present this in a humorous manner, and fails, his point is one I agree with. I once believed that 24/7 connectivity was a great thing until I watched what it did to the productivity of the people around me and myself as well. Pre Internet, when business was slow, us worker drones would seek to out new skills or hone our current ones … now we tend to surf the net, some of which is job related, most of which is just used to pass time … much like this website … While the information we come across is sometimes interesting/useful, it seldom improves our job skills like ‘the good old days’.

I remember reading at one time, that Computer Associates used to cut off internet access to the employees from 8am to 4pm in order to keep the workers focused. Good idea.

My attempt to restore my attetion to other things has been to set my email to only check for email once an hour instead of constantly which seems to be the norm for most folks. How many times can you count someone calling you and saying ‘Did you get the email I just sent you ? ? ?’

Can you imagine someone mailing a letter, dropping in the mail box, then running to the phone to call you to see if you got it ????

An now IM is the complete time killer. A great tool when used properly but also the best way to lose time ‘chatting’ with others.

No wonder american’s are putting in longer work days. We’re trying to make up for all the time we waste answering the phone, reading/sending email, Instant messaging, and attending meetings.

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