Internet Is Losing Ground In Battle Against Spam

from the not-encouraging dept

In an article that is anything but encouraging, the NY TImes reports that spammers are winning. No matter what companies are doing to combat spam, the spam just keeps on getting through. The article actually talks to a few spammers – though, they all claim to only use 100% opt-in lists. They make ridiculous comments about how people can just go ahead and use their delete button (absolutely missing the point) – and how they’re performing a real service for people by bringing them their sham product pitches. They’re worried that all these anti-spam efforts will hurt “legitimate email marketers” like themselves. While I’m willing to complain about the over aggressive tendancies of many anti-spammers, that doesn’t excuse ridiculous comments from spammers who think they have some “right” to bug me while wasting my bandwidth and time.

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Comments on “Internet Is Losing Ground In Battle Against Spam”

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No Spam says:


As you know, spam is based on disrespect, and the idea that whatever crap the sender wants to send, the unwilling recipient must take it and shut up. Publicly posting a spammer’s personnal information allows this road to go both ways.

What you just did is to insulate the spammer from experiencing the sour taste of his own medicine.

If he was a decent guy (well … at least not a spammer), he could thank you for helping him in his spamming activities. In facts, he’ll probably just laugh loudly enough to wake up the neiborhood, and celebrate his victory by sending twice as much spam today, since his hardball tactics worked.

He will not only keep spamming, but what you did sets a precedent that he will share with other spammers so they can use it at their advantage when they will threaten other board maintainers like you and their ISP.

Even if I understand your reasons, you made the wrong decision, and I’d appreciate to see it reversed.

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