Why Apple And Universal Music Need Each Other

from the let-them-make-music-together dept

The initial responses from the analyst community to a proposed Apple buying Universal Music from Vivendi deal were almost all completely negative. Now here’s one of the first opinion pieces in a (non-blog) publication that realizes the two companies may need each other. It’s one of the first articles that realizes that music content is a driver for technology now, and that the music itself is devalued already (and isn’t going back). The article also points out that Apple needs to take risks to attract more interest because the company, itself, is stagnant among investors. By putting the music in the hands of a technology company (rather than the other way around – as has happened to AOL and Time Warner) there’s at least a chance that they can really squeeze some benefits (and new business models) out of it. Interestingly, the article also suggests that Apple was the one who leaked the story to try to gauge analysts’ opinions on the deal – and see if even one would come out in support of the deal.

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