The Problems Of Push To Talk And Embedded Mobile Phones

Two stories for the price of one. Over in Australia they’re fretting about the expected emergence of push-to-talk technology in that country. They’re worried, it seems, about the fact that anyone else around you might hear what people say when they voice message you via push-to-talk. Of course, in the years that Nextel has been offering such a service, I’ve never once heard of people complaining about this “problem”. Beneath that story, there’s a short blurb saying that some British Telecom researchers are working on “active skin” technology that would let people embed a mobile phone in a tattoo or sticker that could be placed on someone’s skin. The system would also involve a keypad on the users arm that would remain invisible until they wanted to use it. This could also go beyond mobile phones to having televisions embedded on our stomachs for instance. Sounds a bit far fetched at this point.

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