Is The Real Problem That Hollywood Can't Digitize Their Content?

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Jimmy Guterman’s latest column is suggesting that the real reason why the entertainment industry is so resistant to putting their content online is that it’s a huge hassle to digitize all that content. I’m not sure I buy that argument. I agree that it’s a big process, but I doubt that’s the reason why the industry is so resistant to digital distribution. There are a ton of potential solutions – including farming out the digitization of files to the fans themselves (who are already doing a pretty good job on their own…).

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Comments on “Is The Real Problem That Hollywood Can't Digitize Their Content?”

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Greg Spira says:

No Subject Given

I don’t know if this is that big a problem for Hollywood, but I can tell you I’ve tried to work with print publications and cable networks to digitize their archives, and they usually just refuse to spend the money to do it. People would be amazed at the backward ways that some networks still use to store their programming.

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