Howard Schmidt, President's Top IT Security Adviser, To Resign Already

from the that-was-fast dept

Howard Schmidt, the former Microsoft chief of security, who became President Bush’s chief advisor on IT security just a couple months ago, has already resigned after not being given the same position in the Homeland Security Department. That seems like an awfully short period of time to be on the job.

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Comments on “Howard Schmidt, President's Top IT Security Adviser, To Resign Already”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Imagine his surprise....

…after discovering this security position at Microsoft was just a space filling JSO billet without any really meaning in the particular context of Microsoft….

…I guess the grass in the public sector job pasture started to seem much greener…

…then, discovering, much to his distress that being “Security Czar” was yet another dead-end job assigned to those how can’t by those who do.

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