Madonna Curses At Music Downloaders

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Well, this is nice. Considering that many people use online file sharing systems to sample music before buying a CD or going to a concert, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to insult your listeners. Madonna, however, has no problem doing so, as she has apparently put up some “fake” versions of her latest songs on various file sharing systems that are actually recordings of her saying, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Isn’t that nice? She’s apparently hoping this will stop people from downloading the actual song. I would say that’s unlikely… though, perhaps it will encourage people to think twice before sending any actual money in her direction. Seems a bit disrespectful of her to insult people who are actively trying to hear her music. She also has said she won’t allow her songs to be listed on any “official” music downloading service. This follows what had appeared to be a “softening” of her stance, when she released unrestricted mp3s of her new songs to people who paid up early.

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Comments on “Madonna Curses At Music Downloaders”

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rainblk says:

Free Madonna sample

Okay, this could end up being fun. Someone can use the Madonna sample in a hip hop song and release it. Then the questions come , did Madonna copyright the sample ? After all, if you had to hire her to say/sing that as a background chorus, the cost would be enormus. However, as she has released it herself into the P2P world….I mean, if she claims it is a song, to prevent someone from using the sample, then she is doing exactly what she says she wants to prevent.. putting her music on P2P. .. and if its not a song, then she really can’t control use of the clip, can she?

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