WiFi To Squeeze Out 3G?

A day can’t go by without one of these WiFi vs. 3G stories, I guess. This latest one is based on a survey of IT workers, saying that WiFi will be the wireless infrastructure of choice for corporations. This is surprising how? For IT people building LANs of course WiFi is the superior choice. The study seems somewhat ridiculous because it basically picks the features that WiFi is good at, and says “is WiFi better at this than 3G?”. Of course it is. The problems with these studies is they ignore the fact that WiFi and 3G have different focuses and different uses. Yes, there are areas of overlap, and down the road there is likely to be more competition between the two – but comparing WiFi now with 3G now isn’t very useful. No one in their right mind would base a WLAN infrastructure on 3G technology these days, so why even suggest that it’s comparable?

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