File Sharing Lawsuits Don't Deter Students

from the nice-try,-but-no dept

For a while now the music industry kept threatening to sue students for downloading music to “send a message” to all those college kid criminal… I mean customers out there. So, now that they’ve gone ahead and sued some college students (even if the lawsuits seem to have a few holes), college students are saying it doesn’t impact them at all. Most say they won’t stop file sharing online, and think the music industry is making a huge mistake in treating them like criminals. The writer of the article tried to find a student who didn’t download music, and could only come up with one who chose not to, just to avoid the related viruses and spyware that often come with downloading music. When will the music industry realize that they’re trying to hold back the tide here? Embracing the technology would have been smart, but now an entire generation has been taught that the music industry is “against” them. It won’t be long before people look back on this strategy as the “suicide ploy” of the old music industry. In the meantime, new players in the music industry will come up with ways to embrace the technology, give consumers what they want and make money at the same time. By the time the old music industry realizes what’s happening it’ll be too late.

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Comments on “File Sharing Lawsuits Don't Deter Students”

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Brett Nelson says:

No Subject Given

I have not bought a compact disc or gone to a concert since these lawsuits began, nor will I. These artists, like professional athletes have overstepped their bounds. They are such greedy self-serving egotistical mother fuckers… why can’t horrible accidents happen to these pricks? Granted, I miss concerts, I miss music… It’s still there, but people like that faggot lars from metallica (what happened to their talent by the way??? they suck) For a while I bought so many albums I never would have considered becasue of file sharing… now I’m saying fuck them all.

That’s my $2… my $.02 was way too far overdue.

Harlie says:

Music Industry

ya know. my question is this. Its illegal to download music off the net, but yet we have cd burners and dvd burners to basically do the same thing right? Are they suing the companies who make those? The Music industry needs to chill out. We all pay for our internet to be able to get online period. So think about it. Its not really free?

Matt says:

No Subject Given

B.S. Let them file the lawsuites and let use counter sue there asses for invasion of privacy. If they do not receieve a court order for permission to access private doc, and customer information, and in sense tapping of the lines. Since when did the music industry become the law, and was allowed permission to over step those rights we are not allowed to violate.
This whole sit. is B.S. they built the system with the cd writters, and portable mp3 players, and once they grew it large enough, they are cashing in for complete control.

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