Internet Cafe Chain Settles Music Download Suit

from the why-bother? dept

Last summer we wrote about how the British version of the RIAA, the BPI, was trying to extort money from EasyInternet by suing them because they included CD burners on their cafe computers where people could burn their own CDs. When EasyInternet refused to pay, BPI threatened to “go public” with the info, which EasyInternet realized was hilarious (since it would just be giving them free publicity) – and instead went public with it themselves (at which point BPI tried to get a gag order to shut them up). Now, however, EasyInternet has decided the legal battle is getting too costly, and have settled the issue, paying a fine and covering BPI’s legal costs so far. This is too bad. I still don’t see what’s so illegal about offering a CD-burner in an internet cafe. It seems like there are plenty of legitimate uses for such things.

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