Fleishman Doesn't Have To Pay

from the phew dept

Last week we wrote about Glen Fleishman’s accidental surprise bandwidth hogging for offering one of his books as a free download. He didn’t realize how many people would rush to download the book until it was too late – leaving him with what he believed was a $15,000 bandwidth bill for exceeding his quote. It turns out, however, that because of the way his hosting company does billing he actually doesn’t owe a thing. It sounds like they don’t kick in the extra charges unless you go significantly further over the limit. It’s nice to know (especially in these penny-pinching times) that there’s a company out there that doesn’t automatically look to suck money out of a customer who made a mistake. Of course, it’s probably due to antiquated billing systems that don’t notice such over usage, but it’s good to hear that Glen isn’t in the type of trouble he thought.

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