Wireless Firms Still Fight Portable Phone Numbers

from the fear-and-loathing-in-carrier-land dept

Wireless carriers are still upset about the idea of allowing number portability, despite overwhelming customer support for the idea. The wireless carriers basically know that their services aren’t very good, and a lack of number portability is one of the few “locks” they have to keep their customers in place (for at least some period of time). Of course, I understand the arguments that it’s costly to provision new service, and thanks to phone subsidies carriers need to keep customers for extended periods of time to make back their money. However, number portability could help in finally forcing carriers to figure out ways to offer a service level that keeps their customers happy (though, that might just be wishful thinking). The wireless carriers are making one last stand, as they argue that the FCC is overstepping their bounds on this one. They’re also arguing that the sector is already “competitive enough”. Meanwhile, some of the wireline telephone companies are starting to protest the measure as well, as they realize that it includes a provision to let people transfer their wireline phone number to their mobile phone – something likely to cause many more people to give up their landlines in favor of a purely mobile solution.

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