Iowa Doctors Prescribe The Internet

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Doctors in Iowa think that their patients need to be better informed. So, instead of just prescribing medicine, they’re using special prescription pads to

prescribe internet websites to their patients with information about whatever is ailing them. We had written about a similar program last summer, that was trying to convince doctors to offer such information prescriptions by having them charge patients for the information – with half the fee going to the doctor and half to the website recommended. This article doesn’t say if the Iowa program works that way. Either way, I’m wondering if people can now try to get their insurance company to reimburse their internet connection. “But, my doctor prescribed it….”

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Comments on “Iowa Doctors Prescribe The Internet”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Sounds great

I was part of the development team for a web based disease state management program that focused on educating the patients and enabling them to take better care of themselves. It had fantastic outcomes as far as better health, lower healthcare costs, patient and doctor satisfaction, etc.
Unfortunately my employer wasn’t into the concept of ‘services’ so after we spent $4.5 million proving that it worked and that people wanted it, we shelved it as we couldn’t figure out how to put in a box and sell it. 🙁

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